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Youth Provision

“Youth Provision” A return to a quality service of providing evening and weekend activities for young people in the local area. Once we have saved the building and created our sustainable business plan to achieve this, we will be instructing and commissioning a separate company to run high quality youth provision and restore desperately needed youth services in our cherished purpose built building.

Music & Multimedia

A recording studio for music based education and leisure, A recording studio to encourage local talent and confidence building along with an editing suite  for budding creatives and producers in film and photography


Sport A programme of sporting activity in the large rooms the building offers

Daytime Activities

Daytime activities - more than just a youth club, the centre will be open in the daytime for the wider community to meet, participate in classes and relax and enjoy the cafe and free internet access. More details to follow

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Social Hub

Meeting Place A space for local youth to simply meet, chat and relax in a safe environment with super fast Wi-Fi for essential and free web access.

Youth Business Hub

A business incubation hub! We plan to turn the abandoned seven garages into affordable rental business start up spaces with a programme of support for young entrepeneurs


In line with the Lewisham and GLA policies supporting youth and business development.  Our mission her is to realise the  potential in our local youth and encourage business start ups.


An inspirational cafe which serves both as a healthy eating and affordable pit stop and helps young people lean cooking skills.  We  aim to grow our own produce and link up with local allotment associations.  Tasty, green and entrepreneurial!


Seniors! Will be most welcome. The wider community will also receive a warm daytime welcome with daytime cafe for anyone to attend and meet

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A garden. Landscaping to include a vegetable and herb garden to supply the cafe and encourage horticultural skills

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